Aims and tasks


Aims and tasks of Vojvodina Photo Association are:

  1. To connect and network media and all other photographers and photo enthusiasts that are ready to preserve and improve craft and art of photography as well as professional photography itself
  2. To use photography to promote conservation and improvement of environmental, cultural, ethnological heritage as important values of our society
  3. To organize individual and collective exhibitions and to publish catalogues
  4. To publish various publication like catalogs, photo books, posters and other material both in printed and digital form and to support members who self publish all of the above

  5. To organize public presentations of photographers work and photography related literature; to organize educational events, promote photography, point out the roll of photography in contemporary society and introduces new trends and form of photographic expression
  6. To enable new members and enthusiasts to master the skill of photography in all its technical and esthetic sense, to spread, share and expand experience with young generation
  7. To present the awards and promote work and results of the members

  8. To connect and cooperate with other similar organizations both in Serbia and abroad

  9. To engage in work of organizations that it belongs

  10. To help and support the members in their creative work and participate in exhibitions and other similar events in Serbia and abroad

  11. Through means of photography and language of images promote multicultural development in all segments of society and
  12. To advocate the importance of legal and copyright issues