Reasons for unification of photojournalists

For the keepers of memories and makers of these memories of history no one cares.

 The first photos of Novi Sad were made in 1850. and the first official guild of photographers was organized in 1901.

 Author from Vojvodina use to keep their level, advance their skill, perfected their craft and promoted photographic culture. Always trying to keep up with the world, sometimes even ahead and work with cutting edge technology.

 All that was build during more than a hundred years, began to crumble down during the nineties, and that collapse newer stopped.

 During the unfortunate nineties, only the biggest enthusiasts stayed in photography and photojournalism because one 36 frame film cost eight marks and the average mouthy salary was two or three marks.

 Cheep materials were used, half functioning equipment with old lenses and we could not afford service. People rarely traveled, equipment was faulty, and because no one owned complete photo equipment kit, people borrowed from each other regularly.

 Not even 2000’s have brought any good to photography and photographers. Whole photo archives of the biggest publications, millions of frames and negatives, on which history of the nation is captured ended up in the garbage.

 No one has been systematically cataloged or updated archive since, nor there is any conscience of its value to society

 Instead of professional equipment, photographers were forced by the employers to work with the lowest class of amateur cameras, like tourist going to the beach.

 Sometimes, private security of the VIP’s, just because those funny little cameras for the picnic, didn’t believe to photographers that they are professionals but took them to be mad fans, or god forsake even terrorists. Totally degrading for the professional.

Everywhere in the world, photo editor is just under the chef editor and art director, but in Serbia this position is degraded and placed aside. In some medias they don’t even have photo editor because everyone just assumes to know to how to photograph and understand photography, many even came to the conclusion that they don’t need photojournalist and photo archive. Art and culture has never been underappreciated then know.

In the past photographers and photo reporters used to be welcomed with pleasure on all events. Organizers went out of their way to provide them with the best working conditions and all needed logistics. Today its little to say that they are arrogant. Majority of organizers treat reporters and photographers like they are just want to smuggle without paying for the ticket.

 Various PR personal, instead to be of some use to the members of the press, who create content for their own benefit, only make job harder and absurdly complicated for real journalist and photo reporters. By doing so they only legitimate their job and cover incompetence.

 The salary of photo reporters from Serbia are seven time lower then salaries of their colleagues from the region.

 Photography and photographer weren’t always the last in row in the last twenty years, but they were certainly among the last. If we look in general the biggest looser of such negligence for photography is society and history.

Because of the catastrophic state of photography community and profession is in, after many decades of informal acting, we decided to found Photo Association of Vojvodina so we could work on the advancement of photojournalism and photography in general.

 Foundation of this association are active and retired photojournalist and photo reporters from cities daily publication like “Dnevnik”, “Magiarso” and from all the Province of Vojvodina.

 Among our members are photographers both professional and enthusiast as well and all those who recognize the importance of photography and ideas of our organization.

 With progression of photojournalism, members of organization will make their effort to promote positive social values and to point the problems in it.

 Trough our work we are ready to support work promotion and popularization of the community in which they live and work. Especially to promote nature, healthy life style and environmental conservation among general public.

 The main activity of our association is organizing annual exhibition an Vojvodina Press Photo award, organizing photoworkshops and other educational events about photojournalism, press freedom and copy right related issues.

Photo Association of Vojvodina


Darko Dozet